Mental Health Resources

The Drayton Valley PCN’s focus is on providing primary care for mental health problems.

The Mental Health Program offers a variety of free of charge services to patients of member physicians. These services include counseling, education, workshops, and facilitation of access to other community services.


PCN Mental Health services will help patients:

  • Address common mental health problems such as depression or anxiety
  • Address issues related to relationship stress including communication skills and boundary setting
  • Ensure access to appropriate community services through referral and system navigation assistance

Workshops include topics related to Depression, Anxiety, Mindfulness & Relaxation, and Goal Setting & Problem Solving.

Goals and objectives of PCN mental health program:

  • Offer an open, non-judgmental environment for patients and their families to talk about their concerns
  • Provide patients the tools to address the concerns that affect their mental and physical health
  • Navigation assistance through the healthcare and social service systems